My Novels

"Asylum City"

By Greg Gullberg 

A hotshot news reporter on the cusp of going network risks everything when he stumbles upon a sinister inner city human trafficking ring and becomes romantically involved with one of their working girls who is running for her life after trying to bring their illegal activity to light.  

Suspense-Thriller.  Mature content advisory.  

Target Finish Date:  Spring 2014

*** Select Passages Available Upon Request ***

In my mind, if someone reads a great novel from cover-to-cover and it doesn't change them in a profound and introspective way, then they've missed the point entirely. 

After reading "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini, the story was ingrained in me and follows me to this very day. 

A great novel has to be more than entertaining.  It has to educate, inspire and impact a person’s perspective on their own lives as well as their view of the world around them.  

"A Confused World"

(Working Title) 

By Greg Gullberg 

A troubled, boy-next-door, college student is torn with confusion over the war on terrorism in this post 9/11 world.  He barely knows what a Muslim is, much less can differentiate one from a terrorist.  

He finally finds direction in a middle-aged Afghani professor who fled Afghanistan as a teenager during the Soviet invasion and found a new home in the states.  He quickly came to love America and its freedoms.  But after 9/11 he has struggled with a great deal of racism in his own life.  He is disillusioned with the way people spit in the street at the mere sight of him.  They call him names like "Towel Head", "Jihadi" and "Terrorist".  

Together they find peace and understanding in one another and help each other find their way in this confused post 9/11 world.  

An inspirational coming-of-age novel.  

Target Finish Date:  2016

My Biography

By Greg Gullberg 

Pretty much what you see in the "Why Journalism" page but beefed up into a full-length book.  

Target Finish Date:  When I'm established enough for anyone to care... 

Greg Gullberg head shot.